Google Cloud Storage


As per my previous posts (here and here) that prompted this thread, I’m rather confused by the process of setting up a Google Cloud Storage account connection and hoped @support1 or someone else from the NetDrive team might be able to give a walk-through?

I think I have previously misunderstood the process around initial authorisation and Client ID/Secret stuff, as I am having to constantly re-authorise NetDrive. There is no mention of this step on the connection instructions within NetDrive’s help site.

I have no other OAuth set up within my Google APIs - I’m just trying to connect to a GCS Bucket that is used as an image CDN for a website.

The OAuth ‘app’ is in testing. Surely I don’t need to publish and do all of this, making it available publicly, just to set up a connection to a private Bucket?

If someone could provide an idiot-friendly walk-through from scratch it would be very helpful!

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