Google Cloud Storage requiring constant reauthentication

I’m using NetDrive3 to connect (solely) to a Google Cloud Storage bucket through my Google Account.

When I first installed ND3 it was working fine, but I’ve noticed more recently that I am now having to reauthenticate and give the application permissions in Google every time Windows/ND3 starts, which - needless to say - is very inconvenient.

This involved opening up the NetDrive3 desktop interface, going into the Config of the drive, waiting for it to fail to connect and produce an error, pressing the Connect button and going through the authorisation procedure in my browser, then heading back to ND3, setting the remote path again, saving the config, and then having to connect the instantiate the drive instance.

Does anyone have any inkling why this might be going on? Is it related to NetDrive3 not being formally recognised by Google?

We will check if it is related to any inconsistencies in token refresh process.

Thanks for your feedback.

Thank you, ysh.

Typically, having flagged it as a problem, it’s now stayed connected as expected for the last few days. There must be an issue somewhere though, after what I’ve experienced in the past couple of months.

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