Windows - Netdrive3 with GDrive Question


I am just on the trial of Netdrive3 for GDrive mounting on my Windows host and it seems to work pretty well. I am in process of uploading my data to see if I have more than the 1 TB advertised.

However I notice that it seems that I cannot write to the mount when Netdrive is currently syncing to the cloud.

E.g. I copy a lot of files to the mount via a robocopy or Windows Explorer GUI, it will copy 1 file, then sync to the cloud (I see the small blue icon and network activity in Task Manager) and during the upload the next file will not be written to the mount. Once the uploading is done, robocopy or Windows Explorer resume the copy. Sometimes Explorer gives an error message and I need to click on Retry.

Is this expected behaviour of Netdrive3?
I am running Win10 Pro, Netdrive3 Trial with a GSuite/Gdrive. The cache and OS of the windows machine are on a mechanical HDD, could this be the cause of what I am seeing?

Thanks in advance for your insights.


It’s not ordinary behavior.

I guess it was caused by Google API rate limit.

I recommend to register your own Google API Key and secret key.

Please to solve the issue refer to the following topic.



I’ve setup my own API keys and reconnected my drive.
However it still seems that Netdrive3 is doing things sequentially when I try to copy multiple files to my mounted Gdrive:

  1. Copy file from my local drive to my Gdrive mount (into the cache in reality)
  2. Upload the cached file to Gdrive
  3. Continue with the next file

I really think it should be able to do 2. in the background and not essentially block write access to the mounted drive while uploading.

Any other suggestions?



Is there enough capacity for the drive used as cache?

Otherwise, the above phenomenon may occur.

If you’re using Explorer, try to copy files after turn on the “on-the-fly” option.


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