Uplodading / Waiting files: incorrect display

Dear all,

when uploading files to my WEBDAV net drive (drive letter X: in my case) from my windows 7 machine, it seems that sometimes the list of uploading / waiting / failed files in NetDrive3 is incorrect.

This happens to me typically when doing a mass upload, e.g. when uploading a folder with 50 files.
The upload proceeds, but an the end some of the files seem to get stuck. They remain listed as “uploading” or “waiting” without any progress.

When I check what has really reached the cloud storage, I always find that the data has been transferred successfully. I check that by using another device (my mobile phone) tp access the WEBDAV yccount, and in all my tests so far it has been possible the WEBDAV files properly (e.g. PDFs or TIFs).

I am a little bit insecure about this. Do I misunderstand the user unterface, or is this a bug ?
Please advise.

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Thank you for using NetDrive.

I will check about this.



I just had this situation again, when transferring 1 GB to my IONOS WEBDAV.
After a check I can say the files have been transferred correctly. Just the display is not OK.
Please find at screenshot attached.


Thank you for feedback.

Out team is checking about this.


any news on this? Can I rely on data being written to the cloud even if the protocols say something else?
Regards Martin

We are checking about that.

We tried to reproduced the issue, but failed.

If the issue happens again, could you attach debug log files to figure out?

After setting the log level to VERBOSE, please reproduce the problem and send us the debug log file :

There is no credential information in the log files.

Sorry for the inconvenience it may caused.



I did 2 mass file copies now, each with more than 1 GB as a total. The issue did not appear again.

So my proposal is to close the ticket.

I will keep the log level on “verbose” for a certain time, and if the issue should reappear, I will open another ticket, with the log file attached.

It could be that the file copy activities in the past collided with the cloud backup software which is intalled on my Win7 PC (Acronis Backup/ Domainfactory).

Best Regards & thank you for your support !

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