Unable to Upload Files

Using NetDrive3, I am unable to upload files to the Google Cloud Storage drive. However I am still able to upload files to my Google Drive using NetDrive.

When I try to add files to folders on the Google Cloud Storage drive the upload fails. But previously I was able to add items. I’m not sure what changed.

Here are my logs:
MacOS-2022-09-14-LOGs.zip (2.8 MB)

According to the log file your account does not have permission to upload files to the bucket.

aautry@responsiveedtx.com does not have storage.objects.create access to the Google Cloud Storage object.

Please check the access permission.

We discovered that the files are actually being uploaded to the Google Cloud storage, but the NetDrive interface is telling me the upload failed.

Is there a way to fix this?

It could be related with rename issue, please check with recent version which I sent you before.


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