Trouble with docx files when connecting to a WebDAV share

Dear BDrive-Support,

we have now installed the first instances of NetDrive on one of our customers machines to test how the software performs under the given circumstances.

Sadly, just a day later, the customer informed us about a problem when it comes to editing Microsoft Word files over the share.

When we were only using the Microsoft WebClient for connecting a WebDAV share there were no temporary or lock files created by Word.

Now Word creates temporary as well as lock files on the share itself. This is however not good since the application providing the WebDAV has very strict access restrictions leading to errors occuring when one wants to save the file after editing it.

Can you explain why this hasn’t happened when we were using the Microsoft WebClient, why it is happening now and if there is a way to stop it from happening?

With regardy

Steven Moser

Dear Steven Moser,

Thank you for using NetDrive.

Does using the Microsoft web client mean that you connected to Azure Virtual Desktop and used a virtual window?
And you’re connecting to WebDAV using NetDrive in a virtual window, but you can’t access the docx file?


Hello tsjeong,

Sorry this might have been unclear from my choice of words.
We were using the WebClient service before - the one included into every Windows Desktop installation.

NetDrive was then configured on a normal Windows desktop environment to replace the usage of this service as it also interprets WebDAV commands and answers into a file share visible in Windows Explorer.

It wasn’t creating these weird files when we were using the WebClient service but now it does.
Or is this perhaps a Word setting that needs to be fixed?

Regards Steven Moser.

Dear Steven Moser,

When editing MS Office files, a temp file is created and uploaded. Temporary files should not be created on the server in your environment.

We will add an option to not upload Temp files when editing MS Office files. We will notify you immediately after development.


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