"Shared with me" Files Not Move Using NetDrive3

I have a question about the combination of NetDrive3 and OneDrive for business.
I am in trouble that I can not move files in the shared folder of OneDrive to
another folder in the same hierarchy.

Of the files in OneDrive for business assigned as a network drive, even if I try
to move a file in “Shared with me” to another folder, the file will not move.
All I can not do is move, copy & paste or delete of the file works correctly.

Files in “My Drive” can be moved or deleted.

The operation is done from Explorer of Windows, but it looks like it has been
moved normally for a moment, but when I press F5 to reload, it seems like the
file has been restored again. Of course, the file has not been moved to the
intended destination.

It is possible to move files using a browser such as Google Chrome or Internet
Also, if I mount OneDrive as a network drive with webdav without NetDrive3, the
files can be moved successfully.

At first I wondered if the shared file does not have my access, but as mentioned
above, I can move the file normally with methods other than NetDrive 3, so I
think the problem might be other than the access.

if you have any of these solutions, I’m glad if you can show me how.

I will get back to you after some tests.