Retry failed cache files after crash

NetDrive version: 3.5.434
Windows/Mac Version: Win10 1803 (17134.191)

I have “Use background uploading” turned on so the files are cached to a separate partition on my disk. During a large upload network and power were lost and the uploads failed.
Several issues here:

  1. When powering back up the files were no longer in the “Failed” tab, but they are still in the cache folder.
  2. My PC ‘thinks’ the files were uploaded to the cloud storage. The files show in the cloud as the correct size, even though they are not physically on the cloud storage.
    -Maybe because “Always retrieve file list from server” is on?
  3. How do I reconcile this out of sync state?


NetDrive can not recover or clear cache folder after power loss. You have to delete all files on cache folder and we’ll consider to make automatic clear function.

What cloud service do you use? There is no way to get files does not exists because NetDrive does not save any file information.

I guess clear cache folder may help.

I use Google Drive.

I’d actually prefer not to have the cache cleared automatically. If something happens to the upload and it did not make it to the cloud storage location and it automatically deletes the cache it would have just deleted the only copy of the file.

Over the past week or so I have been getting files that “successfully” upload using NetDrive. They even show the correct size in windows explorer. However when I look at the file on the Google Drive the file is listed as 0kb.

I guess I’m looking for improved error handling and resilience.
Thanks for the reply

Even if the netdrive app crashes while files are uploading you’ve basically lost the files, even though they are still just sitting in the cache folder.
Since there is no way to re-associate the cache with the application those files are orphaned forever.

I really need assistance with this issue. I have files stuck in the cache folder that I cannot get out.

The issue has come up again.
Windows 10 forces an automatic reboot during file uploads, as a result the cache is cleared and files are lost.


Cache needs to be persistent, period.
It should not be treated as if its stored in RAM and cleared on a power loss.

I created a feature request for this some time ago.