Better cache management

Windows 10 does not allow disabling automatic updates.
When windows reboots, the cache is cleared…even if there were uploads in progress.

Cache should not be cleared just on restart of the services.
Cached files need to be persistent through a reboot and uploads should either automatically resume or restart, or at least be given the option.
Having a manual purge option could help if anything hangs up, perhaps even at an item level if only one of many uploads is causing issues.


Just an update to this request.

I have an issue now where files were somehow not uploaded but still reside in the cache. They do not show up as uploading, waiting, or failed in the NetDrive3 client.

The OS thinks the files are in the mounted cloud drive, but they are actually still in the cache folder locally. The actual cloud storage provider has no knowledge of the files. If browsing the cloud storage from the web the files are not there.

The resolution:

  1. Copy the files from the mounted cloud drive to another location locally. They can’t be copied directly out of the cache folder as they are locked by netdrive.

  2. Delete the files from the mounted cloud drive. This will remove them from the cache folder.

  3. Re-upload files to the cloud storage. Preferably using some other means to upload as NetDrive was too unstable to upload the first time.