"on-the-fly uploading in Explorer" not on the fly

NetDrive version: 3.4.422
Windows/Mac Version: Windows 10 Pro version 10.0.16299 build 16299
I use NetDrive 3 with a Synology NAS server.
Connected by local network to internet.

I need a fast speed when i modify or delete the files inside the Nas/Server.

I activated the option “on-the-fly” and disabled the option “Use background uploading”.

Anyway the “on-the-fly” need some seconds to update the folder on the Computer that i use.

Is that normal? Couldn’t be immediate?

Wating for your answers.


Please refer this article about on-the-fly option. Anyway on-the-fly option does not affects folder update. Only for copying files on windows explorer.

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Thank you. So if i use a program that modify or copy file, on-the-fly mode is it working?

What is the best solution for a safe uploading in live?

i mean if i use two computer that work on the same folder and they modify the same file at the same time. What’s the best? on-the-fly or background?


It’s better to turn off background uploading If you need to ensure files are uploaded completely from your application. Turning off the option will cause some delay and reduced responsiveness but you can sure that when the save operation is completed your file is completely uploaded to remote storage.

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