How to set UPLOAD OPTIONS of NetDrive 3

There are two upload options you can turn on/off in NetDrive 3:

  • Use background uploading
  • Use on-the-fly uploading in Explorer

Use background uploading

Files are uploaded asynchronously in background. This reduces overhead and improves responsiveness of file upload operation. All files are copied to local cache first and it is uploaded in background. You can watch background upload operations in UPLOADS screen.

In terms of File API, NetDrive returns control to caller when the file is closed but is not yet uploaded to remote storage. If you turn off this option NetDrive returns control to caller when the file is uploaded to remote storage.

Use on-the-fly uploading in Explorer

Turn on this option to synchronously upload files when you are using Explorer to copy files to remote storage. NetDrive does not create any cache for the files.


The first option is awesome - I’ve asked for that several times in NetDrive2. Now I can use NetDrive3 to upload files using scripts / programs and have relative certainty that the upload has completed before control is handed back to the script.

Would I simply check the success / fail return value of the file copy operation to know if the transfer to the cloud succeeded or not?

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With background uploading it is not possible to check success / failure from return value of file copy operations. We provide UPLOADING list to check the result.