NetDrive3 not logged in after boot

I have the ‘Keep me logged in’ box flagged and I sign just fine but I’m required to sign in again every time I re-boot my computer. Am I missing a step? Is this a bug?

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There is an issue with ‘Keep me logged in’ flag in some conditions and we are looking into the issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your feedback.

Same issue for me.

My server is running headless and every day i have to check in case it has rebooted overnight and netdrive is logged out.

Am I able to revert back to NetDrive2 with my current NetDrive3 license?

I am seriously considering moving back to version 2 as well, version 3 has been nothing but a pain since installing it. doesn’t log in automatically after boot and also randomly will disconnect from the drive at least once per day. Should still be in beta imo.

I have same issue - have to log in to Bdrive account EVERY time I boot my laptop.
I am using a Dell XPS running Windows 10. Still happening after Windows update to Creators Fall.

Sorry for inconvenience.

In settings, set Log level to “DEBUG” and then reproduce your problem.
In your case to reproduce, re-login after logout.

Then compress the folder “C:\ProgramData\NetDrive3” and send me message with attaching the zip file.

I also have the same issue on both my machines. I have “keep me logged in” checked – but have to log in every time. My server reboots every night after back up. Which means I have to log into the server head to sign into NetDrive 3 again every morning.

I have the same problem. No way to have it working. Can we change to version 2?

Hi all.

Thank you for using NetDrive.
I’m very sorry for inconvenience.

Could you reproduce the problem after downloading and installing the following test version?

As you know, set the log level to “DEBUG”.
Then reproduce it and compress C:\ProgramData\NetDrive3 and attache the zip file.

It will be very helpful to find and solve the problem.

This is still not fixed, yesterday it was just spinning, today it isn’t spinning, but just reloading the login window repeatedly after successful Google login, just restarting the login dialog box like nothing happened. Downloading 227 with hope. I really want this software to work and not have to ask for a refund.

My windows machine is good, i’m having this problem with my MAC not staying logged in. This is through facebook. Just upgrade from OS 10.11 to OS 10.12 and has not resolved.

My windows machine has been fine after reboot with the windows creators edition.

Thank you for using NetDrive

As I mentioned above, could you compress the C:\ProgramData\NetDrive3 folder and send me the zipfile?
It will be very helpful to solve it.

Thank you again.

On another note, despite recycling the login screen, NetDrive loaded both OneDrive and DropBox, although I also had previously connected Google Drive and Box. And on that note, this is a new installation, so I’m not sure how NetDrive would have those settings unless they are settings set on NetDrive servers. I would have thought that my mapped drives login information would have been stored locally, not server side. This is an image of my desktop with Windows Explorer hovering over the splash screen of NetDrive. It has loaded 2/4 drives of mine, missing is Box and Google. However, I have not logged in, just started my machine, and just clicked NetDrive.

The file was not attached because of size limitation of attachment. The limit was raised to 100MB.

The log file may contain privacy information, so it would be better to send it to me as PM.

Thank you.

I tried to message you the 35mb file, and got a response that it was too big.

I’m sorry about this.
Could you retry one more time?

Thank you.