NetDrive unreliable Google Drive mounting

I have an issue with Google Drive mounting. I have 5 Google Drives mounted to various letters all set to map as a network drive.

The mapping itself works fine, however if I make an upload after the limit is reached and attempt to retry the download, it just dissapears into nothingness, it does not go in the waiting tab or upload again. The cache is set to 50GB but the cache folder had 330GB in it. I’ve tried to wipe it, and reset the mounts with my own Google Drive API

This did not happen on the prior version of NetDrive, previously I was unupdated but i installed the newest update recently. What is the cause of this.

NetDrive is running on a Windows Server 2019


Thank you for using NetDrive.

I wonder what “the limit” means above.

If It is “api rate limit”, I recommend to register your own api key.

Please refer to below.


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