Netdrive not listing all the folders in Google Cloud Storage bucket


We have started using Netdrive along with Google Cloud Storage to replace Cloudberry Drive due to several problems we are having with it. We had no problems configuring Netdrive to access our Google Cloud Storage Buckets, so we can successfuly read and write on them. The problem is that the content of some folders created by the time we were using Cloudberry Drive, are only partially listed by Windows Explorer, on the drive managed by Netdrive. For instance, a folder named “S:\HUGO_LOGIPACS\2022.11\09” have 457 folders in it, but Windows Explorer lists only 303 folders. Just for the records, Google Cloud Storage console shows the correct number of folders.
What can be causing this problem?

Hello @mronchetti02,

Please send us debug log files to check responses from Google Cloud Storage.

After changing log level to VERBOSE in SETTINGS screen, repeat the file listing of HUGO_LOGIPACS\2022.11\09 and send me log files.

There is no login related credential information in the log files.

Sorry for the inconvenience it may caused.


As per your request, please find the log file attached.



nd3svc_Google Cloud Storage.log (2.62 MB)