Netdrive not listing all the folders in Google Cloud Storage bucket


We have started using Netdrive along with Google Cloud Storage to replace Cloudberry Drive due to several problems we are having with it. We had no problems configuring Netdrive to access our Google Cloud Storage Buckets, so we can successfuly read and write on them. The problem is that the content of some folders created by the time we were using Cloudberry Drive, are only partially listed by Windows Explorer, on the drive managed by Netdrive. For instance, a folder named “S:\HUGO_LOGIPACS\2022.11\09” have 457 folders in it, but Windows Explorer lists only 303 folders. Just for the records, Google Cloud Storage console shows the correct number of folders.
What can be causing this problem?

Hello @mronchetti02,

Please send us debug log files to check responses from Google Cloud Storage.

After changing log level to VERBOSE in SETTINGS screen, repeat the file listing of HUGO_LOGIPACS\2022.11\09 and send me log files.

There is no login related credential information in the log files.

Sorry for the inconvenience it may caused.


As per your request, please find the log file attached.



nd3svc_Google Cloud Storage.log (2.62 MB)


We found what caused the problem. I will post a link to down a beta version which includes the fix.

Thanks for your feedback.

Please check if this version list all files and folders under HUGO_LOGIPACS\2022.11\09.

Thanks! We’ll test it right away !

Hi There, first test went OK. We are now putting Netdrive to work with our production server to check about its performance. I’ll keep you informed. Thanks for your support.

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Netdrive was working fine up to today, when we needed to reboot the Server where it’s running. After that, the error message showed in the attached picture is being displayed. I’m also attaching the log in verbose mode.
I look forward to hear from you.

nd3svc_Google Cloud Storage (1).log (28.6 KB)

NetDrive3_Administrator.log (2.87 MB)

We also tried to connect in another machine but got the same error.

I’ve check the log files but found no usable information except the last log line. It says that refreshing access token is failed. If could happen when our server or Google OAuth didn’t respond in time. When the issue happens it could help a lot if we receive full log directory because NetDrive consists of several software components communicating with each other.

And it looks like that you tried to browse remote storage not connecting. Is it right that you have problem when browsing remote storage by clicking ‘BROWSE’ button?

Follow the logs generated today with the same problem when trying to browse or mounting the volume. (427.1 KB)

From the log files and our server log we found that the error was caused by failed refreshing access token.

It seems that you registered your own Google Cloud Storage cliend id.

Please refer to following topic.

We have followed the instructions we found in this forum to configure Google Cloud Storage with Netdrive. Is there any other way to use Google Cloud storage with Netdrive so it doesn’t rely on refresh tokens?

We have plan to support service account which does not require token refresh. To use service account you must be the administrator of a Google Apps (old) or G-suite account.

With service account you don’t have to authenticate with individual user accounts.

It could take weeks to implement and I cannot confirm any estimates on release date.

Please do implement Service Account support, NetDrive. I’ve been waiting around a year for it. It makes your product almost totally unusable for the sole purpose I bought it. Or maybe I should just get a refund?

CloudBerry was the alternative I was looking at, so I’m sad to see the original poster in this thread has had to more here FROM it!

I apologize for the inconvenience and frustration you have experienced while using our product. I understand that the lack of Service Account support has been a significant issue for you, and I want to assure you that we are working on implementing this feature. I cannot provide an exact timeline for when it will be available, but please know that we are committed to improving our software and providing the best possible experience for our customers.

So, what is the solution for this matter while the support for service account is not ready?

Your refresh token will be expired in 7 days. When the token is expired you need to login again.

Is this OAuth authentication method you require the only way to connect Netdrive to Google Cloud Storage?? Other vendors of similar solutions also use authentication by OAuth but they don’t require the creation of a “testing” app as you do. Why?

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NetDrive’s default app for Google Drive and Google Cloud Storage is shared among all NetDrive users and is subject to the limits imposed by Google. Users may experience delays and errors even if we have raised the limits by requesting an increase from Google.

When you create your own app you don’t have to experience the delays and errors.