Netdrive has become very unstable and regularly wont connect to google drive and stops uploading when it is connected

This sequence repeats itself over and over in the log, but it wont connect or do anything.

[MESSAGE ] [ 7224] [PROTOCOL ] GoogleDrive::GetChangeList >> HTTPS GET >> 200 : - 1827ms

[ERROR ] [ 7224] [SERVICE ] Failed to send publish message 128 [C:\buildbot\slave-win\netdrive3_release\netdrive3…\common\ZServerSession.cpp:324

[2021/04/01 21:26:07.891] [ERROR ] [ 10188] [FILESYSTEM] [G:svchost.exe] FileSystem::OpenDir => AERROR::FAILED : \

When it is connected, it will just stop uploading files and leave them in waiting. The service eventually crashes and deletes all my cache files.

I don’t think I’m hitting an API limit. My quotas look good on the drive admin quota page

I’m sorry I don’t have a solution but this is happening to me too and I’ve been trying to figure it out for weeks! I’m now getting notifications that my netdrive cache is full as well but I haven’t found a way to clear it yet. Following and hopeful for a solution.

I’m also getting a lot of failed uploads. And when I select retry, they just disappear from the client.
They dont ever get uploaded and they stay in the cache taking up space until I restart services. When I restart services they are deleted.

I am losing data because if this behavior and I am starting to look at other solutions.


Have you registered your own API and Secret key?

Please refer to below.


I followed those instructions several years ago and my API/App/admin console shows API hits, so the assumption is it’s working correctly. But the instructions do not show how to verify if you are actually using the API.

How do I verify netdrive is actually using the API?
I had the same question in '18, but the answer was not very clear. I was never shown a separate screen when disconnecting and reconnecting netdrive.

I currently have about 17 files that ‘failed’ and disappeared when I clicked retry.
I just tried to disconnect the drive and was given this error.

At what point should I see this screen?

Because I’ve never seen this screen when trying to register my API. So I guess I’m not using my own API.

If you have registered more than two API Keys, the screen will be appeared.

Otherwise the screen to select API Key will be not appeared if you have registered one API key.

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