Netdrive 3 Strange behaviour

There is a strange behaviour with a netdrive connection zo my Webdav server (Synology Station), regarding pdf files:
When I open files with a pdf program (Kofax Power PDF), modify the files, and save them back to the same place (same file), the files suddenly have 2x the original size (despite only a minor modification like a comment), and they cannot be opened again as they are corrupted. When I do the same with a local file on the remote computer (Netdrive client), everything is fine.
I have tried to vary the upload settings (background, direct), but no success…
Any idea what can be the problem?

Dear rudolf-kohler,

Sorry for the inconvenience it may caused.

To help us diagnose the issue:

  1. Please set the log level to VERBOSE
  2. Reproduce the problem.
  3. Afterward, please follow the instructions in the following link to send us the debug log file:

Please be aware that the log file does not contain any login credentials. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Best regards.

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