Netdrive 3 / server 2012 R2

NetDrive version: newest
Windows/Mac Version: windows server 2012 R2

Hi, we want to use the team license for 6 devices.
We have succesfully installed netdrive 3 on 1 device and testing it right now.

Now we have some issues, sometimes when i want to start netdrive it sometimes stucks and freezes on the logo.
The other time it wont connect with google drive and then the error says that the connecting is not possible at the moment.

How can we fix this?

Best regards.

After setting the log level to VERBOSE, please reproduce the problem and send us the debug log file :

Sorry for the inconvenience it may caused.

We as user has no rights to open the log file, i reproduced the problem and asked the hosting of the server to send me the log file.

Also there is a issue that when starting up NetDrive we need to re enter the password every time (and we have clicked on “keep me logged in”) so it should save the password.

When i got the log file il send them directly to you.
In meantime is it possible to extend the trial account for us, we first want it to work after we do the payments.

And i cannot click on “manage” anymore in the team area to add or edit a member to the group? (in the website login)

Best regards,

Your trial is extended till 4.19. Please send us the log, thank you. (541.2 KB)
Hi Lena,

In the attachment there are the logs.
What about the question i cannot add more “team members” to the account the button “manage” is gone?

Best regards,

The ‘Manage’ button was gone temporarily for unknown reason and it is back again.
Sorry for this.

We’ll check on the log. Thank you.

Thx, you are right the manager button is back. Thx!

Did you check the log?

If it takes longer can you extend the trial again?
Because now we cannot use it and it is conifugred on there laptops / pc’s

Best regards,

Dear stefan.simon

Thank you for interest in NetDrive.

I found a strange thing in log files you attached when a drive is unmounted.
I will fix it as soon as possible and give a url you can download the fixed version.


Also, your trial is extended till May 3. Regards.

Dear Jyyoon,

Thx! When i find bugs or things il report it to you :wink:
So that we create together a good perfect program :wink:

Even more perfect then it already is:D!

Best regards,

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