Netdrive 3 random disconnect - SFTP

Used Netdrive2 with SFTP solid, never had any issues.

Netdrive3 SFTP, It seems to randomly disconnect the drive. Have also seen an error trying to write.

nd3svc_FryarNAS.log (429.4 KB)

Looking through the log it appears that when it hit some “pointer” directories it failed and crashed.

Can you send us a crash dump on C:\ProgramData\NetDrive3\Dumps? That will be great help to us to solve this problem.

This article is unlisted because of log may have your private information. (97.6 KB)

There are lot of failure in log and this could happen your SFTP server disconnects connection or network is unplugged.

NetDrive was crashed because of unstable network or connection lost.

Nope, that is not it. If you follow the error log it disconnected immediately after trying to access a bunch of folders with symbolic links. Those do not render in windows and probably as well as the SFTP client may show them as folders but error when they are accessed perhaps.

That is when it disconnected.

Any other errors are due to Netdrive 3 and not the network. Again Netdrive 2 was used for almost a month in the exact same usage pattern and it never lost connection once.

The other errors I see are all around desktop.ini not existing which is expected but Windows is stupid and continually tries to access it.


The 4:40am “crash” was the NAS rebooting for maintenance.

Is there any netdrive3 options to reconnect on any disconnects?

However the netdrive3 lost connection again, I will dig up the files you want and post them.

Files here: (134.7 KB)

Can you send us a debug log? You should refer this article.

According to crash dump, crash occurred inside of openssl. NetDrive requests file listing to your server but abnormal data was received, that’s the reason of crash. This is why crash occurred by connection lost or network unplug.

If connection lost was detected normally, of course NetDrive automatically try reconnect to server.

Yes, I know about that. And that’s not a problem. Problem is…

Protocol::Read id: [/docker/observium/html/images/apps/nfsd_2x.png] , exec error: [9]

This log means ‘Remote access denied’(9).

Anyway I have one things to need to know, does your SFTP server limits user session count?

I will look into enabling the debug and collecting data.

Protocol::Read id: [/docker/observium/html/images/apps/nfsd_2x.png] , exec error: [9]

That is another symbolic link. Attached is from a SFTP client showing that link. Same as the previous one that accessing it fails in the client with a file permission error.

Well I turned off cached uploads and have not had a failed upload since.

I also turned on debug and have not had any problems since that.

So either the cached uploads was the problem or turning on debug has resolved it. I will let it run for a few more days, then turn off debug and restart to see if it stays running with out problems.

Not to hijack thread, but curious if your note above is related to my issue. In nd2, connecting to sftp shows me all four folders in my data directory. In nt3 I only see two folders. Now I’m wondering if those 2 missing folders are symbolic links and nd3 is having trouble seeing those for some reason.

Possibly, but in my case the symbolic linked directories show up, just does not navigate into it when clicked. (It throws nasty errors and sometimes causes my SFTP server to crash even).

Do you have a synology or a unix back end? If so SSH into your server and do a LS of the root directory. You can then see if it is a symbolic link or not and if your user account has access to the folders that you are missing.

No mine is with an external provider but I also have ssh access, so I will try that and report back. Thank you for the info and sorry for the mini hijack.