Netdrive 3 Agent service not starting


I’m having random instances of the Netdrive 3 Agent not starting. I’m running 3.6.571 on Win 10 64bit. I’ve set it to start automatically but this hasn’t fixed anything.


Hello matt

Could you try it with NetDrive 3.7.670 beta?

You can download it from our download page.


There a still lots of problems happening. It’s either:

  • Netdrive stuck at ‘initialising’ on boot
  • Netdrive disconnects randomly and it’s only noticed when I go to open a file and it stalls. When I open up Netdrive I see the drive is not connected. When I click connect I get an error message
    Any ideas how to overcome this? It seems like Netdrive is not a stable as it used to be.


Have you tried with 3.7.670 or 3.7.687 beta?


Hi Jyyoon

I downloaded 3.7.687 and went to connect drives but it says “You cannot use this version. Please install the version you can use”.

Why is that?


It’s prompting me to renew my support but I purchased a lifetime license already on Nov 15 2017…

I need this to be fixed asap as I need to get work done!



You have lifetime license with 1 year support.

Please refer to following topic.

You can continue to use NetDrive 3.6.

But 3.6 doesn’t work for me anymore!! It’s full of bugs and fails to load…That is not good enough.
Please send me a link for a working version of Netdrive (one that doesn’t randomly disconnect or fail to start properly) or send me a refund.

Nedrive3 Agent fails load on startup even though it’s set to auto…


Sorry for late.

Technical support for your license is expired.

If you renew “maintenance”, I can help you with having a remote session.