NetDrive 3.1.234 Released

NetDrive 3.1.234 released.

You can update to this version using auto-updater or download it here.

This release includes following changes:


  • Updated OpenSSL library to latest version


  • Hubic - File listing bug
  • Google Drive - Rename bug when using Team Drive
  • Swift - you can use https now
  • Dropbox - limited file listing issue
  • Issue when changing cache folder
  • Minor issues with UI

Still unable to install on server 2016

from this update I have problems when I want to save to existing file. any file that I want to edit tells me that u have permission, either onedrive or…

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me too. I have problems with existing files and dir after update netdrive3

Drives still crashing and disconnecting…

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I juste update netdrive to this version.
Then, I can’t write anymore on my amazone drive.
Please help !
Can we back to previous version please ?

@afranx @jcabangon22 @marc-doridant

Sorry for the inconvenience it may caused.

Can you send use debug log files to inspect the issue?

Please follow steps in following article to send us log file:

Thank you for the feedback.

Hi, I have already sent the logs. Do you do it again?

I cannot connect with WebDav now after the update. I am paying the premium, please solve it urgent!

I already send the logs too, come on guys I have 3 accounts with you, I don’t want to switch services but having to connect the drives everyday because it crash it is too much work >.<…

Auto reconnecting feature please atleast?

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I 2nd this, a auto connect feature in general would be nice. I really think this product should not of left beta in its current state. Version 2, was so much more stable.

They are too busy trying to release this for mac but not fixing the current bugs in windows …

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