Massive BUG in NetDrive3

This did not appear in the beta but it’s there now and it’s HUGE.

Server 2016, fresh upgrade of NetDrive 2 to NetDrive 3 after un-install of previous version

Connected all of the drives used during Beta test:

(1) OneDrive
(2) DropBox (different accounts)
(2) OneDrive for Business (different Accounts)

Initiated a copy of 96GB of files from local drive to DropBox storage
Indicated 11 minutes to copy (impossible, even with 300mbs FIOS)
~45 minutes into the copy, all drive disappeared but NetDrive3 thinks they are still connected

Can you send us log file?

I am not sure at this moment, but looks like NetDrive3 have a bug, when copied file size is over 8GB. But, may be not. Not sure at this moment. ‘just my 2 cents’ as user. (I have same effect, file is copied to chache, NetDrive (till restart) shows, that file is on target drive, but file not copied really… )

I’m sorry but these are production servers and I’ve had to remove version 3 and drop back to version 2 while I determine what I’m going to do.

I will need the two licenses that I just purchased to be refunded as the product is not usable to me at all at this time.

It is cancelled :
NetDrive3 Personal Lifetime License $111.93 USD

Thank you very much.