Issues With Locking Files


Our company installed NetDrive for one of our clients and their employees, and some users are able to lock files, while others aren’t. I already checked and made sure that our Synology Server (what we connect to via NetDrive3) user permissions were exactly the same, which they all were, but for some reason some people can lock files while others cannot.

One of their employees was able to lock files through NetDrive, and then stopped being able to.

Can you please advise of a solution to this?

Thank you,



Please send us debug log files from users who cannot lock files.

After setting the log level to VERBOSE, please reproduce the problem and send us the debug log file :

There is no login related credential information in the log files.

Sorry for the inconvenience it may caused.


I have gone and attached screenshots of the user not being able to lock files, as well as followed your instructions on changing the log level to VERBOSE and I have attached a zip file of the logs.

Please let me know if you need anything else.
NetDriveLogs - (512.8 KB)
Lock Greyed Out
Lock Not Available

Again, he was able to lock files before, but now cannot, and nothing has changed from the Synology Server side or his permission side.

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