Have to authenticate every time my computer restarts

Every time Windows (10 or 7) restarts, I have to manually authenticate and connect all of my network drives. If there is not a way to automate this in the background, then there should be a feature added to do this.

If there is a way, I would appreciate assistance in configuring NetDrive to do so.

Dear derrick-staglia

If you enable “keep me logged in” option in login window, you don’t need to log in whenever NetDrive starts.

And by default, authenticate information of a drive item is saved so you don’t need to authenticate again when connects.

Which protocol type are you using?

If you send debug files to me, it will be helpful to figure out what problem is.
Please refer to this article to attach it.

I had already tried that, but I changed my authentication method from email address to using my Google credentials and that seems to have resolved my issue.