Google Cloud Storage disconnection issue

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Regarding Google Cloud Storage support

@jyyoon, I have sent you some further, full logs by private message. Hope this has been received okay?


Sorry for late.

I just saw the P.M. you sent.

I will review them as soon as possible today. If I can not find any clue, let’s have a remote session to resolve.



I could not find any clue the log files you attached.

But I found why.

The oauth token is expired in 7 days if the publishing status is “Testing”.

The publishing status must be “Product”.

Please change the publishing status.


Thanks jyyoon, this gets back to what I thought was the problem.

So I do have everything else set up correctly as far as you can see?

When I press the Publish App button I get this rather worrying message - I cannot provide Google with any of those first 3 things.

Hi again @jyyoon. Is that really correct, that Google should give me all of that prompt to okay and agree to?

I’m afraid it is not possible to publish your own app while using our domain as redirect urls.

Thanks for the reply, @ysh. What do I need to do then? I’m very confused by the procedure for working with Google Cloud Storage.

Perhaps Net Drive is not the right product for me at all?

With current configurations you need to re-authenticate your Google Cloud Storage account every 7 days.

For my understanding even with other products which provides ways to use your own client id/secret have the same issue.

We will prepare and submit our test GCS client to production status. When it’s approved all NetDrive users can use our approved app ID to access their storage and you don’t have to re-authenticate every 7 days. Even with production state client ID you need to re-authenticate every 6 months.

Thanks @ysh, that sounds an ideal solution. I will also message you privately.

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