FTP dont try to connect

I can connect with no issues using command line FTP tool,
but when i try to create a drive using FTP on NetDrive, i receive this message

Authentication fails , but in Firewall and in FTP Server no connection attempts comes in the log.
the message is Authentication failed… but the behaviour is that application not even try to connect.

Any Clue on what can be done to understand cause?

After setting the log level to DEBUG, please reproduce the problem and send us the debug log file :

Thank you for the feedback.

Seems to be a Proxy conflict

Proxy configuration was tested for the Application Login during start up.
But… later on we configured the Firewall and let the configuration as NONE as u can see on the attached file


Now the login is working fine.

but as u can see on the debug level attached down there :

Log.txt (7.9 KB)

the Agent is trying to connect the FTP via Proxy, even with the NONE option selected.
i am not beeing able to let the agente forget about that proxy.
ant the desired configuration is to not use proxy. Not every FTP are public


Mauro Monte