Folders/Files not Refreshing with Finder on Mac

Using MacOS Ventura with NetDrive 3 build 3.17.712. Seemed to be working properly viewing folders and files as well as uploading. When a user deleted a file in the SharePoint Online web interface it doesn’t reflect on the Mac until you disconnect and reconnect the drive. I have the setting for Always Retrieve File List from Server checked.

What can I do to resolve this since people move, create and delete files all the time. If it doesn’t refresh they won’t have the correct info. Thanks!!

NetDrive is supposed to receive changes from SharePoint in order to apply them to local. If this feature isn’t working, I’d have to analyze the debug logs.

To help us diagnose the issue:

  1. Please set the log level to VERBOSE
  2. Reproduce the problem.
  3. Afterward, please follow the instructions in the following link to send us the debug log file:

Please be aware that the log file does not contain any login credentials. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Here are the log files. I replicated this on Team_Genset Services SharePoint (718 KB)

Is there any update on this issue? I’m stuck with not being able to roll this out to a few users.

Sorry for the late reply.

I apologize for the delay in my response.

Based on the log file, it appears that two SharePoint drives have received notifications of changes from the server. When NetDrive receives these notifications, it requests recent changes from the SharePoint server.

Could you please confirm whether NetDrive is receiving notifications when changes are made on the SharePoint Online web interface? You can monitor this by checking the log file, which should contain the label of the affected drive.

If NetDrive cannot receive the changes notification I think we need to have a remote session to check the issue.

I don’t think it is receiving (trying to find it in the log) but I have a folder I deleted a week ago and it is still showing up in the folder.

So the drive item is being mounted for a week?

Please click ‘BROWSE’ on your drive item and check the folder does not show up in file browser.


Correct, it has been mounted for a week with no disconnection. I took a screenshot, when I browse the folder is not there but in Finder on the Mac where everyone will be using it the folder is still there.

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Thank you for sending the screenshot.

We wanted to let you know that getting changes from the SharePoint server through the websocket connection may not always guarantee that changes are received. Therefore, we will working on updating NetDrive to force a regular refresh, even if it relies on changes notifications from the server.

In the meantime, you can manually refresh NetDrive by using the context menu in Finder. Simply right-click on the NetDrive folder and select “Refresh” from the menu.


If you cannot find the “NetDrive” menu on the context menu, you can turn it on by going to System Settings > Extensions > Added Extensions (for macOS 13).

Thank you for your understanding. Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

Thank you for the update, after a reboot it seems to be working with the manual refresh. The update to NetDrive you are working on, will that be a coming soon fix or is that a future plan?

Spoke a little too soon. It works for created items, but deleted items do not refresh manually.

Haven’t heard back on this. Can you please let me know as I am still having a refresh issue with the manual refresh and curious when it will be added as you mentioned.


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We added an option to turn on/off changes notification.


Uncheck ‘Use change notifications to update file/folder list’ and NetDrive will update file/folder list like other protocols.

File list will be updated when you go around folders or click refresh button on Explorer.

Just downloaded and am testing now.

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