Explorer freezing and all drives inaccessible for duration of file cache upload to Google Drive

Using NetDrive3 3.8.925 on Windows 10

My Explorer windows are freezing and all drives are inaccessible for the entire duration of files being uploaded from the cache to Google Drive. As I am often uploading files of many gigabytes, this can last anywere from a few minutes to an hour.

Also, I set up my own Google Drive API. (You need to verify your domain and your app, by the way.) However, from my API console, I do not see NetDrive making any requests.


If you set your own Google Drive API, you must add a new Google Drive item after setting your own Google Drive API.

I think you are using a Google Drive item created before setting your own Google Drive API KEY.


I created another drive and deleted the old one, and the API console is still reporting that NetDrive use of Google Drive is zero.

Also, this does not address the issue of NetDrive freezing drive access when it is uploading files. I do not see how anyone could use this in a production environment.

We will check about your Google API Key.

Could you attach debug log files to figure out what happened while uploading files?

After setting the log level to VERBOSE, please reproduce the problem and send us the debug log file :

There is no credential information in the log files.

Sorry for the inconvenience it may caused.



Usage data for the api key does not appear in the Google API Console in real time. How about checking back in a few days?

If it still doesn’t appear in the google console, I’ll let you modify the log on NetDrive to see which api key you are using.

For problems with file transfers if you attach debug log files I will review them.


I turned on verbose logging last night. I am having the problem with drive access now as NetDrive is uploading a file. I am waiting for it to finish so that I may send the logs. I will post a reply as soon as I am able.

nd3svc_Google Drive - qqbpp.com Media.log (1.6 MB)

The system will not let me upload the additional log files, as they end in numbers. If you need them, let me know and I will zip them up.

Can you see your own api key usage in google api console?

And please compress the log folder to zip and attach it.


NetDrive Logs.zip (3.1 MB)
There is no activity on the Google Drive API.

Now Explorer is crashing and requiring me to reboot in order to use my system.

I’ll send you a version that will let you know which google api key you’re using.

It looks like you connected Plex to a mounted drive.
Plex makes a huge number of requests to the mounted drive, and the drive is unable to handle the Explorer’s request.
So Windows Explorer was freezed



Could you download and install the following url version?


Above version is added google client api key in the log.

You can see your client id of google api in the log if you set a log level to DEBUG.

[2019/11/29 15:28:52.031] [DEBUG ] [ 32648] [PROTOCOL ] Using Client ID : 122783117899-tu8bue61icfe6hkd83nbflghgdfn6vf8.apps.googleusercontent.com


Does your product not work with Plex?

This is what I am seeing in the log:

[2019/11/29 07:43:16.821] [DEBUG ] [ 12616] [PROTOCOL ] Using Client ID : 122783117899-tu8bue61icfe6hkd83nbflghgdfn6vf8.apps.googleusercontent.com

So I take it that is your API client ID and not mine.

I think if you create a new google drive item, you can use your api key(client id).

The working with the plex is case by case so I’m not sure that.


I have create three different drives – each since I have added my API key to your system. I don’t think that just creating a new one will make a difference.

Would you please check following URL?

This is a screen when you click add button and selected Google Drive.

When you click the CONNECT button a web page will be open for authentication and the URL should contain your registered client id like this:


Our test client ID starts with 8787664…

Can you confirm that you see your client_id?