Every file opened from the cloud mounted drive takes too long to open say 2 minutes

Every file on my cloud mounted drives takes upto 2 minutes to open. One Drive or Google Drive.

Dear mohankrajan,

Thank you for bringing up the issue of the delay when opening files. To accurately analyze and resolve the problem, it would be helpful if you could send us the log files.

Please attach the log files so we can promptly investigate the issue and find a solution for you.

To help us diagnose the issue:

  1. Please set the log level to VERBOSE
  2. Reproduce the problem.
  3. Afterward, please follow the instructions in the following link to send us the debug log file:

Please be aware that the log file does not contain any login credentials.

Best regards


Thanks for your response.

I set the log to VERBOSE and reproduced the issue.

nd3svc_NetDrive Gmail.zip (19.2 MB)

Dear Mohan,

We have analyzed the log files you provided, but haven’t found any specific issues yet. To address the problem of slow file opening times from cloud mounted drives, we suggest the following possible causes and solutions:

  1. Optimize NetDrive Settings:
  • In the advanced options of your drive item, select ‘Always retrieve file list from server’. For more details, please refer here.
  1. Update NetDrive: Ensure you are using the latest version of NetDrive.
  2. Check Security Software Settings: Review your firewall and antivirus settings, and add exceptions for NetDrive and cloud drives.
  3. Check Internet Speed: Test your internet speed to ensure you have sufficient bandwidth.

Please try these steps and, if the issue persists, send us the log files for further analysis.

Best regards

Thanks for the response. I have the following info:

  1. Netdrive3 has slowed down my Windows PC a lot. Bitdefender was opening sooooo slowly that it was a pain. Also, Windows file explorer contest menu was too slow in responding.
    I uninstalled Netdrive3 and now all is fine.

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