Errors while testing NetDrive version 3.18.980 Beta

Hello NetDrive Team!

While testing new version 3.18.980 found some errors:

  1. While creating a folder in the newly mounted S3 drive I get the following windows error:
    Error 0x8000FFFF: Catastrophic failure

I’m able to add a file without an error but it doesn’t actually save to the bucket.

After about 7 hours it starts working fine.

When we do the same thing with CloudBerry Explorer - we can create files immediately after creation the new bucket.

  1. When you create a file with zero weight in Explorer on a disk connected using netDrive, the file does not appear in S3 and disappears after reconnecting the disk.

NetDrive version: 3.18.980
Windows/Mac Version: Windows Server 2019 (12.8 MB)

Please investigate. You can find attached logs in Verbose mode. Thank you!

From the log file you use as your s3 server address. I checked your previous messages and I found that you used as your s3 server address. Do you create a bucket in one region and use the bucket using

Hi Steve!

All buckets were created in one region - Asia Pacific (Sydney) ap-southeast-2


Sorry for the delay.

I think you can remove the 7-hour delay by changing the S3 address to refer directly to your preferred region using the following format:

You can change the Server Address in the config screen.


Hope this helps.


I can’t connect directly. See scrennshot.

Please replace https to http.

Same error.

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Dear @Yaroslav.Khvorostyan,

We have updated our S3 codes to identify the original region of the buckets and use this region when calling the S3 APIs.

Please use the following version:


I can confirm that problem with new buckets has gone. What about “zero weight” files?

Thank you!