Error listing Backblaze bucket

Hello, I’m starting tests on the tool, I have a bucket on Backblaze and I’m trying to download the files to my local network, I can log in and authenticate with Backblaze, but when I click on Browser to list the buckets, it’s telling me the following error, FAILED TO GET FILE LIST, I am sent my netdrive configuration and connection logs, has anyone experienced this and could help me, please?

Dear mayron.ti,

We understand that you are experiencing the “FAILED TO GET FILE LIST” error when attempting to list your Backblaze bucket after successfully logging in and authenticating. To accurately analyze and resolve the problem, it would be helpful if you could send us the log files.

To help us diagnose the issue, please follow these steps to send us the log files:

  1. Please set the log level to VERBOSE.
  2. Reproduce the problem.
  3. Afterward, please follow the instructions in the following link to send us the debug log file:

How to attach a log file

Please be aware that the log file does not contain any login credentials.

Please attach the log files so we can promptly investigate the issue and find a solution for you.

Best regards.

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