Endless loading in explorer and control panel is freezing

NetDrive version: 3.6.571
Windows/Mac Version: Windows 10 Pro 1809

I installed Netdrive and setted up Google Drive as an network drive (also tried it with an local drive). Everything worked. After NetDrive added the drive the explorer opened up and showed everything what is was in the / folder. When i now close the window and want to go into the drive again, my explorer did not respond anymore and netdrive is crashing. I have an i5 4 Ghz and 16 GB Ram and enough space.

Ok i looked a little bit into it and it seems like, it just need years to open a folder. Any idea why?

Sorry about late response. To investigate your problem, first we need to get your log files. After setting the log level to VERBOSE, please reproduce the problem and send us the debug log file :

There is no credential information in the log files.

Sorry for the inconvenience it may caused.