Double Upload to Google Drive?

Hello! I am running the latest version of NetDrive3 with the latest update of Windows 10.

I am seeing an issue where when I drag and drop a folder onto my mounted drive, the uploading tab of NetDrive3 goes through each file one at a time, acting like it is uploading the files to my GDrive. This is all happening while the copy progress within Windows is showing as no progress and in the “Calculating” phase. Once it goes through every file individually, it then completes the copy on the Windows side but the uploads start over in the NetDrive Uploading screen, but this time 4 at a time.

I also noticed if I look in the folder on the mounted drive, only the file that is actively being uploaded in the first upload is showing, and once it completes, it disappears from the folder, only to have them all reappear after the last file completes its first upload.

Is there something that I have set a specific way that is causing this “double upload”?

I know it’s not actually uploading the files twice, it’s probably just checking the files, but it checks at what seems to match exactly at the same rate as it will actually upload to GDrive.

Also, the second time it uploads, it asks (every time) if I want to upload the files without their properties. Not sure if this related, but I wanted to mention it here just in case.

Thanks in advance!!

Dear jon-b14f,

Thank you for using NetDrive.

When uploading, it seems to be uploaded twice using background uploading. With background uploading, all files you upload are first copied to the local cache (shown as uploaded in File Explorer) and uploaded in the background. You can watch background upload operations in UPLOADS screen.
This option reduces the overhead of uploading files and improves the responsiveness of file upload operations.

Stay healthy.

Thanks for the reply. I am just curious why it copies to the local cache so slowly. It’s only going at about 4 MB/s

Both the source drive and the cache drive are SSDs. The copy process should be infinitely faster if it’s just local cache.

Dear jon-b14f,

Does that mean the upload speed is 4 MB/s in the Upload tab of NetDrive or the copy speed is 4 MB/s in File Explorer?
If you use your own Google API key, the upload speed may be faster.
The topics below are how to create and register your own Google API key.


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