CloudSync OSX does not sync everything

I am using the trial version of Cloudsync (2.2.238), on OSX 10.14.4 (18E226).

I am syncing from Box Business Account, to Dropbox Business Account.

Box has over 90TB of data. Dropbox is empty.

Sync appears to “finish”, and it leaves a “last synced (xx) minutes ago”, even though it has not finished syncing.

Initially it synced 500mb. I pressed “sync now” and started again. It synced 30gb and it stopped again.

I keep doing it, but it does not seem to sync automatically.


  • the app crashes for no apparent reason
  • the app “forgets” box login (2FA is active)

Trial version syncs only 100 files per sync.

If you send us the following debug log file, it will help us to check the crash problem:

  1. Open your CloudSync UI
  2. Stop current sync jobs
  3. Click “Settings” button
  4. Select “DEBUG” from Log Level field
  5. Repeat steps to reproduce your issue
  6. Click “Open log folder” to find “cloudsync.log” file

Thanks for your feedback.


If you can help me resolve the issues/crash I will be a very happy paying customer!

The log is available at


Did you have the chance to look at the log? Can you provide me with any information on why it crashes?

There is nothing notable in the log file.

Can you send us a crash dump in C:\ProgramData\CloudSync\Dumps? It will be great help to us to solve the problem.

Thanks for using CloudSync.


As you can see from the subject, I am inquiring about the OSX version.

If you are looking for logs, I am attaching the log file found at ~/Library/Logs/Cloudsync (304.6 KB)

Sorry about the crash dump path.

You can find the crash dump file in /tmp/CloudSync_Dumps folder. Please find any dump files in the folder, zip it and send us. The dumps files are removed when you reboot your Mac.


The HD/private/tmp folder (/tmp redirects there) does not have any cloudsync files unfortunately.

I have saved the information OSX crash reporter would send to apple in an rtf file which I am attaching.crash.txt (73.5 KB)

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Sorry for the late response.

We are looking into the issue and after some test I will send you a download link for a possible fix version.

Hello - do you have any updates?

We couldn’t find the source of the problem. Still looking into the issue. Sorry for the delay but please give us more time.

I have an error - “deactivated device”.

Trial has expired since I have been waiting for an update on the support request.

Can you extend the trial until we resolve the issue?

Sure. Your trial is extended for another 14-days.

Hello akouris.

Could you try with the following url version to check your issue persists?


Hello - I’ve been using it for 2 hours now, having transferred over 200gb with no crash issues!

The only problem I see is that it has asked me twice during these two hours for new authentication (we are using 2FA). Is this normal?

Hello akouris.

It is not a common phenomenon.
I’ll check it out.


Hello akouris

I fixed the issue of box.

Could you try with the following url version to check your issue persists?


It appears to be stable, and the Box authentication to be working.

My only issue now is that I have used all my API calls at Dropbox for these trials. I messaged them to request an upgrade to continue testing before committing.