Cloud sync ignoring bandwidth limit 2nd

as my old thread wasnt commented or supported from staff/devs side

i’ll open another one.
ofc cs is already expired, but the programm itself is good but without the function working it isnt worth it for me to buy.
and i think i’m noit alone with this point of view.

Sorry for the delay in response. I will get back after checking the issue with our engineers.

We found what caused the problem and it will be included in the next release. I will send you a link to download a beta version today.

Thanks for your feedback.

@technical-servi Please download and try with this beta version.

Bandwidth limit works approximately. It can slightly over the limit set by user.

For example, we set 300 KB/s as upload and download bandwidth and as you can see in the following image Activity Monitor of macOS shows the data received and sent per seconds around 410 KB.