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I am attempting to setup a connection to a Synology NAS using WebDAV as described on the Synology website. They suggest using NetDrive. I have Netdrive 3 installed, account created and attempting to setup my first connection to the NAS. My goal is to map a network drive via NetDrive for use away from the home office. I CAN connect to the NAS using a browser through HTTPS and get logged in to it. When I put those same address and credentials in NetDrive and try to connect all I get is “Connection error” (see attached screen shot). The only thing I see different is the PORT. The browser connection (using HTTPS) does NOT use a port number, but the WebDAV settings on the NAS indicate to use port 5006, so that is what I entered in NetDrive. NOTE: NetDrive will NOT let you leave the Port field in the connection settings window “blank”.

HELP! I am on the trial period, and if this isn’t working at the end I will discontinue NetDrive and look for another solution. THANKS IN ADVANCE!


Thank you for interest in NetDrive.

Could you attach debug log files to figure out what happened?

After setting the log level to VERBOSE, please reproduce the problem and send us the debug log file :

There is no credential information in the log files.


attached are the log files from today’s attempt to connect to the remote drive. As was true last week, I CAN connect directly to the drive thru a browser, but I am unable to create the connection in “Add Drive” window in NetDrive.

I await your analysis and response.

Thank You,

MDS (7.95 KB)


I got your log files.

I found “Couldn’t connect to server(7) treat as Unknown” error in the log.

I think it was caused by a network environment or something else.

Is your browser set under proxy?

Or the following topic may be helpful to you.

Please check user setting or block list.


(1) - I don’t use a proxy on either my remote location, nor at the home office.

(2) - I checked out that article and went to look at the “blocked IP” settings. There are no current blocked IP’s saved to the list, nor is the Account Protection feature of the NAS enabled. There is a feature to block after so many unsuccessful logins,
but that is NOT the problem as I have the correct credentials and can get logged in go directly from a browser.

For whatever reason, specific to NetDrive, the NAS is blocking the NetDrive connection, but OTHER remote access is allowed, like the aforementioned browser connection.

PLEASE try again. What else can I check???


I am not sure what is causing the problem.

Could you check your ip of your NAS?

Then execute a following command in your console.

nslookup your_domain_of_nas


I think it will return global ip of router not your NAS.

If my guess is right, you need to set port forward for 5006 port.


Sorry been busy…

It returned a weird (to me) IP, maybe this is an IPv6 address? (I haven’t really dealt with any of them…)

This is what came back, 2606:4700:4700::1111

Does this tell you anything??? I will have to contact the ISP to gain access to the modem/router to do port fwding if that is what is required.

How do we proceed from here???


Hello MDS.

First of all, check your network environment.

Could you let me know your global ip and ip of your NAS?

  1. IP of your NAS : x.x.x.x
  2. The returned value of “nslookup” : x.x.x.x
  3. visit and it will show a global ip of network. : x.x.x.x


The IP of the NAS is obviously an internal IP to the house,

The NSLookup returned (as I already said…)


And my IP (at my remote location, NOT where the NAS is) is, per the myglobalip link


First check your domain

Your dns server could not convert to a ip address.

And you need to map port to at your router(


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