Can connect to webdav drive but cannot mount it

I recently started using NetDrive3 and successfully mounted a few drives but I have a problem with my Webdav one. I click to add a drive and fill out the information. Netdrive3 successfully connects to my Webdav instance (I can see my folders by exploring the path). But when I click on “OK” to finish the installation, it just says : “Failed to add drive.”

Here’s what I see if I go in the logs :

[2021/04/11 20:42:03.137] [ERROR ] [ 3484] [NETDRIVE ] Failed to send command [{“cmd”:“get_mounted_drives”}] [c:\buildbot\slave-win\netdrive3_release\netdrive3\netdriveui\adddrive.cpp:1854]
[2021/04/11 20:42:03.137] [ERROR ] [ 3484] [NETDRIVE ] Failed to parse result of command [] [c:\buildbot\slave-win\netdrive3_release\netdrive3\netdriveui\adddrive.cpp:1876]
[2021/04/11 20:42:51.021] [ERROR ] [ 3484] [NETDRIVE ] AddDrive::event exception [c:\buildbot\slave-win\netdrive3_release\netdrive3\netdriveui\adddrive.cpp:1261]
[2021/04/11 20:42:51.022] [ERROR ] [ 11452] [NETDRIVE ] AddDrive::TryToConnect exception [c:\buildbot\slave-win\netdrive3_release\netdrive3\netdriveui\adddrive.cpp:1911]
[2021/04/11 20:43:32.911] [ERROR ] [ 19628] [NETDRIVE ] Failed to send command [add_drive] [c:\buildbot\slave-win\netdrive3_release\netdrive3\netdriveui\ndflatui.cpp:1813]
[2021/04/11 20:43:32.911] [ERROR ] [ 19628] [NETDRIVE ] Failed to parse result of command [] [c:\buildbot\slave-win\netdrive3_release\netdrive3\netdriveui\ndflatui.cpp:1829]

Couldn’t find infos on those errors. Hope you can help!

Dear Btm10,

Thank you for interest in NetDrive.

After setting the log level to VERBOSE, please reproduce the problem and send us the debug log file :

There is no login related credential information in the log files.

Sorry for the inconvenience it may caused.


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