Authorisation error

Hello, I am trying to add a Gdrive account to my NetDrive3 (3.12.246 build 246) but when I go to connect on the Gdrive screen I get the following:

Error de autorización
Error 400: redirect_uri_mismatch
The redirect URI in the request,, does not match the ones authorized for the OAuth client. To update the authorized redirect URIs, visit:${your_client_id}?project=${your_project_number}

I don’t know how to authorize my gdrive account. I am missing something or how can I fix this to properly authorize my gdrive?

Dear filmzont,

Thank you for using NetDrive.

You need to visit the page and add as one of authorized redirect URI.${your_client_id}?project=${your_project_number}


Thanks for the answer, I do see the client when I try to create the account but the project number does not. In this new gdrive account that I’m trying to link with Netdrive i don’t have any api key created, in case it’s from some information. I don’t know why it has to ask for all this information now when it didn’t ask for it some time ago. I have tried another program to mount the unit on my pc and when I connect the account it does not ask me for any of this, it simply asks me for permission to link program rights on gdrive and confirm.

Sorry, still i have not yet managed to mount the gdrive unit on my PC via Netdrive.

Dear filmzont,

Would you like to register your own google api again? Something seems to be missing in the process.


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