3.7.687 (build 687) change maximum storage size may cause some apps problem?


I met a problem , When using some software, it will tell me that there is not enough space.
When I switch back to the old version, it does work.

Im Using G Suite (edu ver.), Unlimit space.

In Windows 2012 R2. OS show Total Free: 1EB, use NetDrive ver.3.7.687, ARC Serve show no space, I reinstall NetDrive ver.3.6.571 , OS show free space is 10TB, and ARC Serve work fine.

It’s Netdrive new version update not considered well??



I think some applications could not handle Exabyte correctly and cause the problem.

We may need to add an option to specify free space manually when user has unlimited storage option.

Thanks for the feedback.

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