-1.0byte(s) free

NetDrive version:3.6.571
Windows/Mac Version:Windows 10

Hi all,
All is in the title : quite often and randomly, NetDrive 3 can’t access to some of my drive (and not always the same, that’s random …). The drive appear like connected on NetDrive 3, but it isn’t : the drive on my windows explorer don’t appear / I can’t “Disconnect” (Unmount Failed) / and as a final statut : the drive on netdrive 3 shows me exactly that “-1.0byte(s) free” instead of a real free storage.
Thanks in advance for your return(s) !

Hello Patrick.

Thank you for using NetDrive.

Which protocol type are you using?

Could you attach debug log files to figure out what happened?

Or If you use NetDrive 3.7.x beta, your issue may be solved.

NetDrive 3.7.x beta can be downloaded from our download page http://www.netdrive.net/download/.


I’m using WebDAV protocol, below a part of the debug log (file is too big and I don’t want to share personnal datas). You can see there the errors happening all the days.

[2019/02/12 10:50:28.914] [DEBUG ] [ 12560] [FILESYSTEM] [L:explorer.exe] FileSystem::ReleaseDir => AERROR::SUCCESS :
[2019/02/12 10:50:31.236] [DEBUG ] [ 10924] [FILESYSTEM] [L:explorer.exe] FileSystem::OpenDir :
[2019/02/12 10:50:31.236] [DEBUG ] [ 10924] [FILESYSTEM] [L:explorer.exe] FileSystem::OpenDir => AERROR::SUCCESS :
[2019/02/12 10:50:31.237] [DEBUG ] [ 10920] [FILESYSTEM] [L:explorer.exe] FileSystem::ReleaseDir : \

Hello pat.

Have you tied with NetDrive 3.7.670 beta?

Thx for your answer. I’m not very fan of beta versions, but I will test this it and come to you in some days (or week) if the problem appear again.
Is it a knowed problem ? Do you know where it come from ?
Have a nice day

3.7 will be released soon.

The list of files in WebDAV is xml data, and there was this issue if there was an error in xml.