You can manually set total space of drive items "IN GOOGLE ACCOUNT?"

Excuse me

I see version 3.8.921 (build 921) in history
Mentioned “You can manually set total space of drive items which does not provide space information (BackBlaze B2, Google Cloud Storage, S3, FTP, SFTP, SWIFT, WebDAV)”

I use an academic Google account, unlimited file space
But I don’t see 3.8.921 This item allows me to set the total space
Because some apps will not be able to grab this large amount of space even on new operating systems, For example CA ARCserve backup V16.5.

I would like to ask this feature
Will it be replenished in the future?


You can use underlined option of Google Drive to set large enough disk space.

It works even if you do not use Team drive.

Dear ysh

Thank you for your quick response.
Sorry! It looks like I would be wrong!
I thought manual set total space was user-customizable

Because I use Windows Server 2012 R2 when using ARC Serve 16.5
Don’t recognize EB units !!

At the moment, I still can only use the old version!
I have asked you this kind of question before,
the compatibility in the old version of the app

It looks like there is no solution,
I will see if there is any way to solve it through other OS layer methods !!!

Thank you so much !! :slight_smile:

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