Xcopy command not working with NetDrive3

Netdrive3 installed without any problems, in the explorer the folders are visible and navigation to subfolders is working as usuall, also the copy/delete/rename function from the explorer-level is working properly.
However within a command shell the xcopy-command with the settings
xcopy D:\localsource*.* Z:\webdavsource*.* /A /S /F
aborts after a few seconds.
Same behaviour on other machines. However this command is still properly working with Netdrive2.
I have licences for Netdrive3 and netdrive2.
Who can report similiar experiences or who knows a workaround (outside the Netdrive2-Solution)?

Dear @Hansjoerg1,

Kindly let me know the error message that appeared when the command failed to execute. Also, what is the intended outcome or goal of the command you are trying to execute?

Thank you.

Tested with our local test machine which mounts WebDAV and following command works without problem.


Dear support members

As stated before:

I have 4 different batch files which work without any problems since approx. 10 years with netdrive2.

The behaviour with netdrive3 is quite peculiar; here the three folders on my tower machine to be copied with “xcopy” and the parameters “/A /S /F”:

The batch files are stored in D:\Kley_privat here on example:

xcopy D:\Immat_Recht*.* Z:\Immat_Recht*.* /A /S /F

Every first start of one of the three batch files aborts, impossible to see an error message.

The second start of the batch files for

Is properly working on my Tower.

For D:\Immat_Recht every (also subsequent) start of the corresponding Batch file terminates immediately after the start.

The three batch files are stored in the Directory D:\Kley_privat .

Here the view of the Volume connected via Netdrive3 with “WebDAV”

Here the view of the same Volume connected via Netdrive2 with “WebDAV”

For Information Security reasons I do not attach the batch-Files, I case there is no issue on your side let me know, I’ll send them immediately.

On a Laptop I got another behaviour which was not reproducible on my tower machine:

I never had in the past 10 years an error message as displayed at the red line.

All my Machines have Windows 10 Pro (no managed windows 10 settings but synchronized as far as technically possible).

I bought Netdrive3, because on one (on a very old!!) Machine the installation of Netdrive2 corrupted. It was possible to reinstall Netdrive2, but it was not possible to start netdrive2. I managed on this very old machine an installation of Netdrive3 without any problems and the operating with the same WebDAV connection with the explorer works fine (here there is no need to use the before mentioned batchfiles).

One strange point is the name displayed with the attached volume Z: ctek_Hans… : This is not the case with Netdrive2. Ctek is my storage service provider.

And of Course: either I use Netdrive2 or netdrive3 but under no circumstances both simultaneously.

Have you an explanation for this behaviour?

Best regards from Switzerland

sig. Hansjörg Kley

This is how NetDrive 3 displays as drive names.

What happens when you add a back slash before *.* in source and destination directory name?

xcopy D:\Immat_Recht\*.* Z:\Immat_Recht\*.* /A /S /F

Dear support members

See my mail: I used back slashes before the *.*. I can’t imagine that
xcopy D:\Immat_Recht*.* Z:\Immat_Recht*.* /A /S /F

Would work.

The form 
xcopy D:\Immat_Recht*.* Z:\Immat_Recht*.* /A /S /F

Works perfectly with Netdrive2 and on another machine with Netdrive3. Hover on this other Machine not all of my batch files work properly with Network 3. See my previous mail.

Still astonishing is for me the form how my WebDAV-Volume Z:\ is displayed. The settings are synchronized with your tool NetDrive3.

I authorize you, to check my settings for WebDAV, additionally I have two Volumes for Onedrive Personal (with my Microsoft Account for Windows 10) and for Onedrive Business (with my E-Mali account Hansjoerg@kley.ch) .

This connections work fine on all of my 4 machines with Netdrive3, of course the usage is strictly restricted to one usage at a time. This is perfectly managed by your Bdrive-Tool.

Currently I can live with this situation, nevertheless

Best regards

sig. Hansjörg Kley

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