Windows update fails with error 57 when netdrive services are active

I lost windows updates about a year ago and assumed it was microsoft bugs but I finally tracked it down to netdrive. Started with clean, wiped, factory installed test box and started adding my regular services. As soon as netdrive was installed and active windows update fails to download anything with the 57 error. I assumed the problem had been fixed in a previous version of netdrive because i could do updates again. The current beta version is running now and the download failure is back. I’ve duplicated this on 3 different test machines and uninstalling or starting a netdrive logout lets windows update work again. Also netdrive logout hangs until you restart the machine so it might be a related symptom.


Thank you for using NetDrive.

If there is a mounted drive with NetDrive when updating Windows, the symptom could be occurred. Because Windows update try to use and download the mounted drive.


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