Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) | Google Filestream | NetDrive 3

NetDrive version:3.6.571
Windows/Mac Version: Windows 10 Pro version 1809 build 17763.55

I own a dedicated remote server, on which runs an ordinary Win 10 Pro 1809. Connection gets established via RDP. On the remote Win10, there is Google Filestream installed and mounted as drive G:
On my local Win10 Pro, I have NetDrive 3 running, which I use to mount the same Google Cloud Drive locally.

Now, since running NetDrive 3, the remote Win10 “hangs” for some minutes, after connecting through RDP. After that period, it seems to run normal. However, copy&paste is not working any longer (copying from local to remote via RDP, and vice-versa).

Any idea?

I guess NetDrive won’t affect to RDP. Did you try to stop NetDrive3 before connect with RDP? Also stop Google Filestream?

I’m using NetDrive3 and Google Filestream too but there is no problem with RDP and copy & paste operation.

I also run, Windows 10 with both GFS and Netdrive 3, no issues with both when using RDP. Make sure you are not attempting to use the same drive letter for both. GFS defaults to G: If your Netdrive is also set to G: it will cause issues.

Why did you set same letter? It will not work anyway.