Windows 10 Explorer window hangs when Amazon Drive is mounted


Hello, My Windows Explorer on Windows 10 hangs for minutes when I have an Amazon Drive mounted. Has anyone else had this issue?



I had a similar problem with my google drive.
I disabled “on-the-fly uploading”, dedicated some space for netdrive cache and enabled “use background uploading”.
After doing that the explorer lag issues are nearly all gone. There is still a second or two delay when opening the netdrive ‘disk’ but it doesn’t freeze or go ‘not responting’.
Oh, I also enabled “always retrieve file list from server” around the same time.
If you have the space I would definitely use background uploading vs on the fly. Everything (in my environment) seems to run better with that config.

EDIT: I just realized your question was for netdrive2, I am running netdrive3. Sorry for the confusion.



Thanks. I increased the cache setting in NetDrive2 and that seems to have fixed the issue! Thanks for the tip!


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