Will netdrive have google photo in coming version?

will netdrive have google photo in coming version?

since i have tried, and google photo have 2EB free space, however still cannot be used due to google api.

can user add google api by their own, so can perform the google photo volume drive, thanks for admin.

Dear @yamato2008,

Google photo is included in NetDrive and you can register your own API key at Bdrive.

Do you have problem with current version of NetDrive?

yes, it is error to copy files into netdrive google photo by newest version 3.17

i try to install it again today, and report to you as soon as possible…

the photo is not sync between my network drive and google photo on web, cannot create folder and remove, the content is different on both side indeed…

there is some limitation for google photo by netdrive 3, for uploading, renname, move and detete.

since original google sync cannot upload with whole folder, it just upload all photos without album folder, it is not easy to manage.

do your side will solve the google photo netdrive, otherwise it is perfect for your apps, only missing google photo as well…

Yes, there is limitations and it’s because of Google’s API policy.

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