Why did Netdrive trigger a download from Box?

We’re testing out NetDrive3 at our firm and after doing some sync testing, we were informed by a few of our users that they received notifications that I was downloading their materials that were hosted on Box.

At first I thought my account was compromised because the timestamps were super early in the morning. After a little digging in Box I noticed in the logs that I was still downloading materials but the culprit was “via NetDrive”. What triggered the downloads? It seems like it attempted to download ALL the data from Box. How do we prevent this from happening in the future?

Hello customer.

Thank you for using NetDrive.

When browsing a drive connected to Explorer, Explorer requests data from the files in order to obtain previews, information on the files, etc.

This is caused by the read data requested by the explorer.

Stay healthy and regards.

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