Why closing down topic / issue

NetDrive version:
Windows/Mac Version: mac mohave full release

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Why did you close the topic?:

Is it possible to not give the finder pop ups when connected to Google drive, becuase i connected many google drive folders?
See attachment.

Also i have got VPN, and when there is no internet connection in the beginning, the NetDrive software automaticly will log out of the application. And then i need to relogin?

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I closed the topic since 3.6.361 test version works on mojave osx.

And if you uncheck “Launch Finder when newly connected to a remote storage” option, you will be happy.

Because NetDrive 3.6.361 is improved auto-login, your issue will be solved when your mac starts.


Thx, your answer makes me happy to haha :wink: