Which version of NetDrive3 do I need?

I subscribed today (Dec 6) for the NetDrive 3 Personal version. I am wondering if I should have subscribed to an upgraded version instead.
I successfully network mapped to folder/files on a remote Synology NAS drive (WebDav). BTW - Thrilled to have accomplished this!
However, I am unable to similarly network to ‘other’ folder/files on the same NAS drive (map different network drives for same NAS drive), which is useful for my different software applications (ie: Word, Excel, etc).
Should I be upgrading?
Thank you.
Denise Quarry

If I’m understanding you correctly, you don’t have to upgrade your license. You can add as many drive items as you want with NetDrive 3 personal version. Just add another drive as you did with your first drive item.

Thank you. It worked. I realize that I hadn’t setup the file parameters correctly. It is such a relief to access the NAS drive through network mapping from outside of the local network. Thank you.

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Thanks for using NetDrive :slight_smile: