Which ports are being used by NetDrive


We would like to know which ports are being used by NetDrive.

Thank you for your help in advance.

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Thank you for using NetDrive.

The port to connect to Bdrive’s server is 443 (https).



Thank you for the answer.

Besides this port, the 443, there is another one to open? We created some rules to open the 443 and it didn’t worked.

But when we opened all the 56000 port´s range it worked.

We would like to know I it´s 100% sure the only one used by the app is the 443.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards.


Bdrive Server <-> NetDrive : 443 port for internet
NetDrive.exe <-> ndagent.exe <-> nd3svc.exe : 49879, 48879, 27001 (used in local pc)

If you need to configure a firewall of a local pc, try to add 49879, 48879, 2007 to exception.


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