WebDAV - when is the file transfer really completed?

Hopefully, somebody can help me with this topic:
I have to transfer a large file (~50 MB) from my webDAV server (Synology) to the local drive and back of a user via a rather slow and asymmetric (high download/low upload) line. Upload is working well, but at the download, there is a problem that Netdrive tells the user that the file has been transferred - but the is still in progress. How can the user be sure that the transfer to the server is really finished?

Is there any idea how to solve this problem?
Thanks in advance, Rudolf

Dear Rudolf,

The issue you are experiencing is due to the “Use background uploading” option being enabled. This setting initially stages the files in a cache before uploading them to the remote location. While the Explorer might indicate that the copying is complete, NetDrive may still be in the process of uploading the file to the remote server. To verify the actual upload status, you can check the upload menu.


If you prefer to copy files without using the cache, you may enable the “Use on-the-fly uploading in Explorer” option. However, please note that this method might be slower compared to background uploading.

Best regards

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